About the festival

2015 Strauss Festival

The Strauss Festival of Elk Grove is an outdoor, free to the public (except for a minimal parking fee) staged dance production at Elk Grove Regional Park that has attracted more than 30,000 people annually.

“Enchanting,” “magical,” and “romantic” are just a few adjectives commonly used to describe the evening performances, which each year feature a different choreographed storyline set to music by the family of Austrian composer Johann Strauss, played by a live orchestra. Bringing the story to life are elegant costumed waltz, quadrille, polka and youth troupes – who, to the surprise of many, are not professional dancers (find out on this Website how YOU can become involved. Visit the Support/Volunteers page to find out more.) – and elaborate handcrafted sets. Each performance ends with a fireworks display.

The Strauss Festival of Elk Grove, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on financial support from businesses, community organizations, and individuals. Our supporters in the Greater Sacramento region believe in the promotion of public access to the arts. Our $150,000 costs cover the orchestra, sound and lighting, security, sanitation, costume and set materials, fireworks, insurance, and more. Dancers, choreographers, seamstresses, set decorators, production crew, and directors are all volunteers and accept no monetary compensation. Each year, nearly 300 volunteers generate about 45,000 hours of effort.

The Strauss Festival of Elk Grove truly enhances the area's quality of life and offers many young people their first introduction to a major classical production. Young and old alike enjoy returning year after year to be transported back in time to Old World culture and charm.