Strauss Festival
July 28-31, 2016


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Strauss Festival of Elk Grove
P.O. Box 309, Elk Grove, CA 95759
(916) 714-2527

2015 © Strauss Festival of Elk Grove

Poster Contest

The Strauss Festival of Elk Grove is looking for artists to take part in designing a poster that will be featured as the official 26th year anniversary poster for the Strauss Festival.

The winning artist will receive acknowledgement in the Strauss Festival program and in the Elk Grove Citizen newspaper. The winner will also receive two VIP seats to the July Strauss Festival, a certificate and a $50 cash prize. A second and third prize will also be awarded with an acknowledgement certificate.

Story Line Synopsis

The Legend of All Hallows Eve Synposis
Beauty of the Night

There was a small village near Vienna that had a legend of Spirits that the prophesies said would return one day on All Hallows Eve.  The villagers, having long forgotten about this legend, joyfully dress in festive colors of reds, yellows and oranges unaware that strange creatures were waiting in the night.  Two traveling men, lost and hungry, came across the village.  All the villagers came to see the strangers but the strangers are watching a beautiful young girl surrounded by many suitors.  One of the traveling men falls down in the town square; the beautiful young lady helps him up.  His friend is distracted by the beauty of the lady and does not help his friend.  Children run into the town square with jack o lanterns and place them all over the square.  As the evening descends, the jack o lanterns are lit ready for the great masgarade festival that is about to begin. The legend Spirits appear and join in the celebration. With the celebration and festival coming to an end, the villagers enjoy dancing the rest of the night away.  

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