2015 Strauss Festival Gallery

"A Tale As Old As Time"
July 23-26, 2015

"A Tale As Old As Time" July 23-26, 2015 was an overwhelming success as reviewed by veteran and new Strauss Festival patrons!  The tale of love, as a takeoff on the Beauty and the Beast theme, had several Strauss Festival attendees describing it as magical and like being at "Disneyland right here in our own Elk Grove!"

For the 28th year, Strauss dancers were once again amazing in their exquisite costumes while demonstrating beautiful dancing skills. The Camellia Symphony Orchestra, conducted by veteran Strauss Maestro Jay DeWald, provided enchanting music to showcase the magical Strauss stage set.  Sheryl Draper, who played the lovely beauty, was graceful and elegant with her talented dance partner and beast, Jonathan Thurston.  The highlight of the performance was when Beauty floated down the staircase in her stunning yellow ball gown to dance with her beast who had transformed into a handsome prince!  The villain was played by John Matthews who did an outstanding job of creating a dispute between him as the villain, and the beast -which brought forth an exciting fight scene! As in all fairy tales, love prevailed and the beauty and the beast found happiness ever after!

Vocalist, Matthew Scott, provided a delightful variety of charming musical solos throughout the evening while MC Mark Hedlund gave an outstanding story commentary for the performance.  Once again, all the Strauss dancers --waltz, quadrille, polka troupe, tweens and littles -outdid themselves with "A Tale As Old As Time" --an amazing performance that left the audience wanting more as an encore for future years!  HUGE Kudos to the Strauss production team with producer, RaeLynn Springer, director Trayce Parfitt along with other key production members Anthony Dapelo Sheryl Draper, Jessy Ericson, Jonathan Thurston and John Matthews--it was an outstanding and beautiful Strauss Festival 2015 performance!