• 2017 Donor Gala

    2017 Donor Gala

    2017 Donor Gala Follow the Yellow Brick Road on June 23rd at the “Pavilion” located in Elk Grove Park where…


  • 2017 Spring Tea Gallery

    2017 Spring Tea Gallery

    "Waltzing Those Ruby Red Shoes!" Follow Dorothy, Toto, and the new friends they meet down the yellow brick road to…


  • 2016 Spring Tea Gallery

    2016 Spring Tea Gallery

    "Mirror... Mirror... On the Wall......! Deep in the forest lived a beautiful princess so very happily taking care of her…


  • 2016 Strauss Festival Gallery

    2016 Strauss Festival Gallery

    "Who's The Fairest of Them All?" July 28-31, 2016   Friends, family and neighbors gathered to join the Strauss Festival…


  • 2015 Strauss Festival Gallery

    2015 Strauss Festival Gallery

    "A Tale As Old As Time" July 23-26, 2015 "A Tale As Old As Time" July 23-26, 2015 was an…


  • 2014 Strauss Festival Gallery

    2014 Strauss Festival Gallery

    "An Artist's Life"! July 24-27, 2014   Festival attendees were transported through dance and music to Paris to be entertained…